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30th Reunion

In Life on August 29, 2009 at 6:23 pm

I haven’t until now been able to collect my thoughts and write a Facebook message after the 30th Canandaigua Academy Class reunion. As I anticipated, I cried the entire way home, as my Wife drove and I scheduled the online banking payments for two fall tuitions as well as locating and paying for textbooks on Amazon.

All of you have changed in my eyes. Why did everyone get so tall all of a sudden? For the ladies that felt that I was staring at your chests, I’m sorry, I wasn’t. For me, that’s called “eye level” now. So do you see I do find the positives in a bad situation?

For those of you who believed my pre-reunion post, that my Wife was a Russian Mail Order Bride and that you couldn’t understand her that was an obvious lie. But what’s the difference, I can’t understand her anyway or what woman for that matter.

I missed some of you who couldn’t make it. Mike Falk, what the Falk? Chris Baker, was there a Rush concert that night? David Spanagel, the Doctor didn’t let you out for the evening? Mark Hogan (I wanted to taunt him, now that I don’t need new shoes). Tom Crawford, c’mon quarterly filings, what a lame excuse. Doug Bolger, anybody? Doug Bolger? And for the second consecutive reunion where the hell was Phil Petti?

Take-aways from the reunion:

-Yes I do have the hots for John Scharr, that’s why we’re always together. Did you see he pushed my wheelchair in for me?
-Jeff Haag, c’mon you’re bigger than them, time to kick their butts
-Barb Radak, wow she is actually a nice person and a looker. Who knew?
-Jeff Wolfanger thanks for the blasts.
-Steve Steinberger, c’mon you promised to dump me out of my chair.
-Randy Mabie, thanks for not coming, it would have been hard not to look at your junk all evening.
-Can we no longer call Fuzz, Fuzz?
– I still can’t keep the Brown’s apart, but one of them does have a purty mouth
-Deb Como, you are right, he is hot.
-Liz, Shawn, Ladies, cross-dressers (did I leave anyone out?) thanks for organizing it.

I did not want to comment on the ladies in our class (with the exception of Barb Radak above), because that would be a far too long, far too complicated and most likely a far too vulgar posting. I’m sure over the course of the remainder of this year this will seep out of my head and it’s onto my keyboard. I must tell you that it is a dangerous area to enter with most of us in relationships, and some with farm animals.

I was however happy to see Winnie Cooper, still looking the same as she did 30 years ago. I’m sorry that our bond today is Wheelchairs.

One truth be told from all this. My thirty years later reference in the Cannon had me as a gynecologist. CLOSE, very CLOSE. My neighbor (Dr Andrew *******) is gynecologist AND the only one in town. Try being my Wife and two Daughters.

Yours Truly, Douglas T. Neidermeyer