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Empty Nest Dry Run

In Family on September 20, 2009 at 5:29 pm

With Fetus #3 in her senior year of high school, my Wife and I are having a dry run at being Empty Nesters. A couple of the things that we don’t have that Empty Nesters do: (1) a disposable income and (2) no mortgage.

It reminds me of our early days back in the 80’s living in Queens and Westchester. The greatest city in the world at our beckoning, but no cash to enjoy it. Granted you can do allot in NYC without any money, but it would have been nice to maybe buy a soft drink during the penniless journeys.

Our combined salaries barely covered the rent, ConEd Bill, weekend libations and the Metro North and subway fares.

Now our combined salaries barely cover the mortgage, Central Hudson, car insurance, cell phones, running shoes, ski and ski related apparel and the tuition. Gone are the weekend libations. We fall asleep too easy as it is.

  1. Your second fetus is now delivering pizzas I tipped him 3 bucks I hope it helps…

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