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Rauf and Emory: A Queens Love Story

In Life on October 6, 2010 at 11:25 pm


In Queens, you can EAT a goat, MEET a goat and BEAT a goat, all in one day!


Back when I and the future Mrs. worked in Manhattan, we both shared a one room apartment in a subdivided home in Astoria Queen.

Our landlords, Rauf and Emory, were a young couple who owned the home and lived on the second floor. Rauf was a jail guard working down the street at Riker’s Island. Emory was several months pregnant and planned on being a stay home Mother. My only interaction with them was exchanging pleasantries when I paid the rent.

I enjoyed our time on 145th St, considering it a major upgrade from our former apartment, a third-floor walkup in Flushing’s Korea town. The Flushing apartment was modern and less expensive, but our digs in Little Athens offered three things not available in Flushing: fewer cockroaches, dead goats in every store front window and a shorter commute.

That first year flew by. Emory had her baby (a girl), the Mets won the World Series and I had landed a higher paying gig in Westchester. For a while I commuted by car from Astoria to Westchester while the future Mrs. continued to ride the subway into Manhattan, but we both knew we had to move.

We found a great place in Harrison, NY. A bottom floor of a newly constructed two family home within walking distance of the train station. We had so little back then, packing the car with all of our belongings. We determined we would leave Astoria that Friday evening after work.

I still remember climbing the stairs that night to Rauf & Emory’s apartment, needing to turn in my keys. Rauf as usual answered the door. He called for Emory to bring the baby and to come and say goodbye.

I spoke first. “Rauf, Emory, we really enjoyed our time here. You both were great landlords and we’ll miss and the baby.”

Rauf then spoke. “Rauf?” …Emory? My name is Ralph and her name is Ann Marie.” I do miss them both but not their Queens accent.

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