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In My Dreams I am a Dancer, that’s just the Impression That I Get

In spinal cord injury, wheelchair on October 28, 2010 at 12:21 am

Not the ballroom dances that I learned attending classes with our dinner club back in the mid-90’s or the graceful moves that I could make on ice skates.  I could out skate anyone….not bad for a guy now 6’2″ and 225+. * (*Truth be told I’m self taught. I’ve got the movie “Ice Castles” in my DVD collection)

I don’t dream that I am Fred Astaire, Baryshnikov or one of the pillow-biters on Dancing with the Stars.

No, in my dreams I am Ben Carr.  If you don’t know who Ben Carr is, you’ve probably seen him but never knew his name.  Carr is the dancing guy for the Boston based Ska band the “Mighty Mighty BossTones.”

Carr is not exactly graceful, but he is inventive. His interpretation, I believe, is based solely on what he hears. His inspiration, most likely the joy he feels when listening the BossTones.

Carr, then a follower of the BossTones was added to the band one evening after a club owner wanted him to leave after helping the band setup because he was under 21. Frontman Dicky Barrett told the club owner that Carr was “with the band.” Thus Carr’s stint as the band’s dancer began.

See Carr’s dancing through out the Bosstones’ video “The Impression that I Get.”

My days are not spent worrying that I won’t walk again. I know I will. Friends tell me they have dreams of me walking again.  I just don’t want to walk, I want to dance like Ben Carr.

  1. Every dream I’ve had with you in it you’re never seated.

    • As long as my bare a** is not up in the air (waving around like it”just don’t care”) like it was while in my coma, then I’m happy. It don’t take allot.

  2. Jeff – I too, have had you walking in many of my dreams. I did not know that others were dreaming the same thing! Sure hope the dreams become reality soon.

    • I’ve got time. Besides I’m too preoccupied with matters of the family. Who would have thunk that Dad would be having more fun than me the past couple of years?

  3. I have heard that song a million times, but have never seen the video. It is fun to watch it while just looking for Ben Carr. Glad to see you have moved from Humpty Hump to Ben Carr!

    • Humpty Hump still has a place in my heart, but I always love to watch Ben Carr, thinking he’s “not bad for a white guy.”

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