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You Can’t Kill Me, You Don’t Have the Paperwork

In Life, spinal cord injury, wheelchair on November 6, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Since no "paperwork" was filed that the dog on the left might have been dangerous, please ignore the picture of said dog knawing on a human leg while a man on crutches passes to the right.

Wait, did I just read that?

An Ulster Dutchess County NY man has been sentenced to six months in jail for killing a dog.   PLEASE: I am in no way condoning this guy’s behavior, but the Judge’s “key point” (his words, not mine) on his verdict in this trial was whether the dog was dangerous.

Quote  from the Kingston Daily Freeman:

“…The justice said that, while there was ample testimony that the dog was mean and aggressive, there was no finding by the court that the dog posed any danger.

Earlier in the article, the dog’s owner states:

“…Humphrey (the deceased) was kept chained in a garage on the property because Sturgess (the dog’s OWNER) had said the dog was aggressive.

Further from the Judge:

“The fact is there was no complaint, no paperwork filed on that dog,” Smith said. “A citizen cannot say, ‘That’s a dangerous dog.’  …”  

So,  since no one saw a rationale need to report this to the authorities, thus their justification is baseless?

“Hello, I’d like to report an angry dog.”   Authorities: “You’re calling…why, Sir are you high?”

“Hello, I’d like to report an angry dog.”   Authorities: “Sir, did you realize calling on a frivolous matter is a felony?”

“Hello, I’d like to report an angry dog.”   Authorities: “Tell him to lick himself, I do that when I’m angry…or I wish I could, at least”

Maybe I should have fallen on the pavement

After five years with the same wheelchair cushion (aka “fart magnet”) and seat back, it finally needs to be replaced.  I receive an email from my wheelchair supplier, “…the new cushion and seat back will be $365.00.”

Now, i’ve already met my annual $2K out of pocket deductible AND $2K out of pocket medical durable goods deductible (yes that’s $4K in ADDITION to my $6.5K premium, so I’m well past $11K, that just ME individually) so I’m thinking this most likely be covered at 100%

Silly man!  Up charge! I must pay a premium of $365 in order to get the item prescribed to me.

You see I apparently made a poor decision six years ago to get a higher end more durable wheelchair than the insurance company felt necessary.   I figured, I’m only going to be in the thing ALL DAY, that I’ll spend $4K of my OWN money to UPGHARGE to a better model. (Finally tally: insurance company $1.8K + me: $4.5K = Wheelchair: $5.3K)

So the same hypocrites that stress preventative care want to fiscally punish me again for having selected a chair that has most likely prevented a $20K surgery on my clickety-click clavicles?    Throw me a bone, as in two clavicle replacements.

Ignore the Man behind the curtain in the wheelchair

I’m not supposed to be in the blustery NY MSA this week.  I’m supposed to be in Southwest Florida.  Back in the business travel saddle again after a six year hiatus.

It was not in the cards.  My mind the victim of a vicious slap flight with my bodies’ auto immune system.  My Left Foot?  Hell, my entire left leg, bigger than Oprah’s during season three.   My left heel currently playing fresh air parent to a tennis ball sized blister.

I’m on the mend.  3X daily hits of Keflex and Carnation Instant Breakfast taken orally, not topically you big silly.

Fun Paraplegic Factoid

You can take an air gun and drive a nail through my leg, no pain here. Run a 747 over my foot, nope, can’t feel it.

It’s cold and blustery out, I can feel the cold, so shut the f’in door already!

Four Festering Future Posts

I’ve got four topics that I’m now working on now that warrant dedicated blog posts.   Tell me which one first:

Hair-icuda.  My home is overrun with them.

Sallie Mae. No, not a mentally challenged former girlfriend, rather Freddie Mac’s stalker sister.

The Land of Tat: The magical final destination of many household items

WTF with all the packaging? I’m congested.  Now I’m congested, have a gash on my thumb and think I have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Scratch a dog behind the ears, they love it.  Send me A COMMENT below.  C”mon it only takes a minute and you don’t have the paperwork to put me down.

  1. Don’t get me going on insurance companies. We pay over $12000 for the family per year. I had to decrease coverage to afford it. Now it’ll be a struggle getting the shots I need to walk like a bi-ped. No, we need no health care reform.
    Shooting the dog? A better sentence would’ve been having him clean the shelter out weekly for 6 months. It’s outrageous that we the tax payers will now foot the bill.
    I have confidence that with the medical advances coming along, you will be up and about. Of course, your out of pocket will be outrageous, but worth it.
    I’m for WTF with all the packaging? The holiday season is fast approaching.

    • I’ve always told the feti that it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep. I make more than I ever imagined in my life, but I’m still that piss-poor kid from college with $10 per week in my pocket…but I earn it all, no one hands it to me and I keep four others in the lap of luxury, something that I find true happiness in.

      There was a point in time where I almost said, f’it all I’m going on full disability. I need to sit down and do the P/L again to see if that was the proper decision. Just think, I’d have more time to write drivel.

      Thanks for being an avid reader. I don’t get out like I used to..and from the looks of it, I’m not missing much.

      Packaging will it! Thanks Fish Lady.

  2. It wouldn’t do you any good to leave NY lookin for better health care CUZ IT DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE…. the hospital owns us right now. on a lighter note, I did see an add in a magazine for little carbon packs you can put in your underwear for gas problems — even available for thongs (which, of course, made me think of you!) Maybe you could get a memory foam cushion and some carbon packs….
    Haricuda sounds scary. Sallie Mae?! She’s a tart! messed with both my kids! nuttier den a fruitcake. Not sure what Land of Tat is, and plastic cuts hurt like a mutha — I just take a knife to it all.
    Love reading yer stuff, dude. I hope something positive comes your way soon. Enjoy the Holidays with the feti. :o)

    • Carbon packs? Let’s go straight to the source, I’ll shove some charcoal up the tail pipe. Memory foam would be no good, cuz it would remember the smells too well.

      Thanks for taking the time to place a comment. It’s like leaving a dime on the toilet tank lid.

  3. at least there was one good thing to read this morning.

    • Perk up neighbor lady. Say, did the firewood order get placed yet?

  4. My dog prefers to be scratched on the ass. We’re all different. You didn’t request the comments to be good. So there you go.

  5. I KNOW you care about your credit rating and it’s VERY important today now more than ever…however, I’ve been “dealing” & I use this word purposely with health insurance companys for my illness for more than 20 years. I have NEVER paid anything more then what the Ins Co. paid to the doctor, hospital, med supply co., etc. To hell with the remaining 20% to 60% they think I owe…In 20 years only 2 doctors have ever sent me to real collection and after two years of harrassment they stop calling and sending letters but the $$ owed did show up on my credit report. Mind you this is only 2 dr’s out of a total of about 150 at least. You speak of leaving NY…Massachusettes has been a very very goos state for me, they gladly accept what the Ins pays and still treat me with respect and the same care as every ohter patient, which is exceptional. Jeff, please try to just blow this stuff off becuase it’s not going to get any easier and I’m saying this bluntly becuase I’ve seen many close friend in your situation go through the same thing. I LOVE the blog, it’s emotional, humorus, scary and makes me angry at the incompitence or simple carelessness of most humaan beings becuase to them, their just at their job, they don’t “see” a person, it’s just another phone call. I keep my gun loadded and close by. Be careful with the “meds”. Try not to project what has happened to you in a negaative way to your lovely wife and beautiful children, they’re long past fetuses. USA is NOT OK TODAY. The Crystal palace was broke B4 the first shovel hit the dirt. And speaking of dirt, dogs love it, dogs a certainly a reflection of their owner. When entering this house never mind the dog, beware of the owner…

    • Bob,

      It’s to the point now where I don’t want to go to the hospital, and the two primary reasons: (1) I don’t want to leave it sicker than I am AND (2) I visit results in at least five different bills.

      I love NYS, but can’t sing about it like Billy Joel. I think one of my future blog postings will be about exactly how much $ NYS get’s me for each year.

      Appreciate the kind comments on the blog. My numbers are trending upward, but I’d like to start breaking 100 page views per day. I amazed, this flotsam just flows out of me.

      Keep in touch.

  6. I’d like to better understand “hair-i-cuda” next :-)! Although I am really hoping the point is that you will write something on all things festering….keep on, rollerman – it rocks!

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