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Should Spitzer Swallow His Words?

In Politicans on October 1, 2010 at 10:00 pm

I had a good laugh today while watching CNN. A promo played for a new show “Parker Spitzer,” that features, surprisingly, Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer. Please girlfriend, who is in their marketing department?

The promo voice over goes Spitzer: “we couldn’t be too different people, I am from the Bronx and she is from South Carolina.” I almost choked on the Spitzer statement.

True, Mr. Spitzer is geographically from the Bronx, but not that image of the Bronx that most people outside of the New York Metro area think of. Myself originally being from the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, my image of the Bronx is what I saw in the movies, “Escape from NY”, “The Warriors” and Charles Bronson in “Death Wish.” Burned out and decaying buildings of the 16th Congressional ward or the area surrounding Yankee Stadium.

Even for metro New Yorkers, their image of the Bronx is that of dilapidated buildings that they see from either the Metro North or Amtrak train car before it enters the tunnel to Grand Central Station.

Unbeknown by many, the Bronx has several exclusive areas, the most tony:Riverdale, birthplace of said ex-governor. Riverdale is geographically barely in the Bronx, situated in its north-west sector boarding Westchester County and the Hudson River.

According to the 2000 census Non-Blacks (census term, meaning WHITES) account for 92.5% of Riverdale’s population. Franklin, New York’s most remote northern county has more “Non Whites” (meaning African Americans) than Riverdale “The Bronx” does.

The community of Riverdale is highlighted in red.

Mr. Spitzer claiming he is from “The Bronx” is only geographically accurate. Myself having once charged a young lady a quarter for a kiss, does that then give me the right to call myself a “prostitute?

Post Script: Prior to Spitzer becoming NYS Gov.,in the Kingston, NY local Wal-Mart, I met Eliot Spitzer. The Spitzer’s have a weekend house, or as they say in the “ci-tay” a country home across the river from Kingston in the Kinderhook area.

Mr. Spitzer was purchasing tennis balls and some rather ugly Fruit of the Loom “under garments” (c’mon the guy is worth $500M, shouldn’t he be wearing Brooks Brother’s Brand underwear? If I were worth $500M, I would be wearing “Mr Brooks Brother’s himself’s” underwear), while his Wife was across the parking lot in Michael’s getting, and I quote “Halloween crap.”

Mr. Spitzer and myself were in the same checkout lane and (1) it being Walmart and (2) it being Friday evening both settled in for a lengthy conversation. (This passage is entirely true):

ME: “where are you from?”
HIM:“The Bronx.”
ME: “Where in the Bronx?”
HIM: “Riverside.”
I replied laughing: “Oh please, you might have well just said Bronxville or Scarsdale.”
He replied, also laughing: “well, you’re right, you caught me.”

I never said that the man was dishonest…and that reason that he resigned his governorship, c’mon it’s like me farting in an empty church, it only affects me, it’s not like he’s Charlie Rangel

Post Post Script: In 2005 when I became non Bi-Pedal, I learned from the staff of Helen Hayes Hospital, where I underwent my rehab, that Eliot’s brother Daniel is a prominent New York Neurosurgeon, having operated on several of the patients in my wing.

Daniel is also remembered for his quote during Eliot’s prostitution mess, from the Wall Street Journal: “If men never succumbed to the attractions of women, then the human species would have died out a long time ago.” I guess that statement then makes Daniel, Charles Darwin?